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2013-03-30 03:21:09 by ZenuZenu

Got a tonne of stuff I'm working on at the moment between commissions and whatnot, promise I'll have new things up of both the porn n not-porn variety in the coming weeks. ^_^

I would have posted a larger number of my backlog of images here already but although I haven't read NG's aup I assume most of my work wouldn't be allowed here. Not to mention the quality standards here seem to dictate submissions be more on the "art" spectrum than "thing I drew for fun cause I felt like it" spectrum so I'm going to continue trying to respect that as well.


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2013-03-30 08:22:36

As long as you tag things as mature/adult it shouldn't be a problem... and keep anything not on par with quality-standard as profile-only. Looks like the best of your work still isn't on NG! :P

ZenuZenu responds:

You say all mature content should be ok but I have yet to see anyone here (that I'm aware of) post the kind of stuff I typically draw so I can only assume it isn't allowed.


2013-03-30 09:26:50

http://theshadling.newgrounds.com/ ?

ZenuZenu responds:

Shad doesn't do Cub or Loli art, that's what I'm mainly referring to.


2013-03-30 10:29:54

Ah, maybe that is a problem then. I was surprised visiting his site that there was no need for some kind of introductory age restriction considering the themes of his work, but loli... is that legal anywhere? Or only restricted in certain countries?

ZenuZenu responds:

Lolicon art sits in a legal grey area with no real consistent all encompassing legal enforcement anywhere due to the nature of illustration in general.

Since none or very little seems posted here I'll continue assuming its at least frowned upon.