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Want furry stuff?

2013-03-10 18:15:59 by ZenuZenu

I'm currently trying to gage what content people specifically here on NewGrounds would be interested in seeing from me. The majority of what I am drawing at the moment is furry imagery due to my large fanbase on InkBunny.net so I could post a bunch of that.

My perception of Newgrounds though is that generally the preferred submissions are more traditional "arty" illustration/work and a number of my creations are more simple as I often create sets of images of a single thing for example that I don't spend a tremendous amount of time refining as I do with some of my stuff.

I think in general I'm going to keep my new submissions here to a minimal to emphasize my more quality works and the simple fact most of my pornographic drawings aren't quite as polished as most of my non-pornographic will influence what does and does not get posted here.

Then their is also the element of the sub-genres I normally depict not being appropriate for here anyway given what seems to be the more "limited" interests of most people given the more mainstream younger audience skewing nature of NewGrounds and presumably their acceptable upload policy not allowing for a number of the things I draw.

Anyway I've grown tired of idiots n trolls as well so anyone at all being super negative about my stuff will now be ignored, continue to annoy me and you will have your comments deleted and your account banned. Criticism only works when it is constructive, if you're just going to shit all over everything I am about you can get the fuck out. Thankyou.


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