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Sad trolls

2013-03-01 00:52:39 by ZenuZenu

Well shouldn't be any surprise, this website is ripe with sad trolls, just as it was when the site began and I first started watching flash animations here many years ago. Though come to think of it I don't recall it being so bad.

I had hoped Newgrounds community had grown more "mature" over time given the sites age but I guess the idiots and assholes that flood sites like YouTube can be found anywhere now. The price we adults pay for having to share the internet with children I guess.

Still best to ignore them, after all the only reason a troll does as they do is to get attention they otherwise lack in real life so one must pity them rather than get angry.

Going through my work again think I'll post a few more porn pics and some 3d renders.


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2013-03-01 04:47:39

Sorry to hear your plight, But if i may ask, what were the specifications of each 3d render?
I use 3dsmax as well and i have tried to get that smooth grey finish along with a perfect amount of lighting in the background.
I need to display a few things and yours by far was more brilliant for testing than most i've seen here. I had already tried the Nitrous renderer and that failed horribly.

i'd very well appreciate it if you had the knowledge on hand.

ZenuZenu responds:

I can't remember if the plugin I used was standard or not but it's called light tracer. You need a basic light set to like 0.003 or lower and a skylight. From there all you need is a basic white color for your entire model and all the details, edges etc will be rendered the way mine are.

But naturally in order to get good results you need to just go crazy with the details so don't be surprised if you have to bump your models up to somewhere around 150k to 250+k polys. A good pc that can handle that kind of mesh size is required.