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2013-02-27 09:48:33 by ZenuZenu

Do moderators here typically have almost zero stats, barely any posts and a tragic inability to use the english language?

Also are their mods for the Art segment of the site that aren't actually listed as part of the Art moderators team?

Because man, I'm having a hard time believing such things to be true. I can't imagine why.


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2013-02-27 19:45:56

hmmmm yeah ok.


2013-02-27 10:00:31

because if it is make a new acount now.

ZenuZenu responds:

Why, he's not a mod, what's he gonna do continue to troll me pretending he's something he's not? surely even someone as sad as that get's bored of being that stupid eventually. Can always just ban him from commenting on my stuff.


2013-02-27 09:56:36

is it a guy named mondomedia by any chance?


2013-02-27 09:56:29

is it a guy named mondomedia by any chanc?